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Golden Bharati public school


Golden Bharati public school is a prestigious educational institution located in Sitamarhi, Bihar, that offers quality education to students from pre-school to class 10th. The school is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), which is recognized as one of the most prestigious educational boards in India. Golden Bharati public school's focus is on providing a holistic education that not only nurtures the academic development of its students but also focuses on their physical, social, and emotional growth.

The school's infrastructure and facilities are state-of-the-art, designed to meet the needs of modern-day education. The classrooms are equipped with smartboards and other digital teaching aids, which make learning interactive and engaging. Additionally, the school has well-equipped science and computer labs, a library, and sports facilities, which provide students with opportunities to explore their interests and develop their skills.

The faculty at Golden Bharati public school is highly qualified and experienced, and they are trained to impart knowledge using modern teaching methodologies. The teachers at the school are dedicated to provide personalized attention to each student, ensuring that every student's needs are met. The school's focus on experiential learning helps students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, preparing them for a rapidly changing world.



Individual Attention

The school provides personalized attention to its students. Which ensures that every child is able to learn at his/her own pace.

A Balanced Program

There is a balanced program for students i.e. they can simultaneously get involved in academics, sports and extra-curricular activities. .

Small Class Size

Due to smaller class size, students can focus in a better way. A strong student-teacher ratio enhances child’s performance.

High Academic Standards

Golden Schools have high academic standards that create a culture of academic excellence, encouraging all students to excel.

A Safe Environment

Golden schools have high reputation for maintaining highest standards for discipline and respect. It provides a very safe environment for its students as well as its staffs.

Parental Involvement

The Golden Schools allow open communication between parents and administration. We make it a priority to involve parents in the community, which helps strengthen parent-child relationships.


Co-curricular activities



Golden Bharati public school ,Sitamarhi offers a wide range of co-curricular activities to supplement its academic program and provide students with opportunities to develop their skills and interests. The school recognizes that co-curricular activities are an essential component of a well-rounded education and help students develop important social, emotional, and physical skills.

The co-curricular activities offered at the school include sports, music, drama, art, and clubs that cater to various interests. The school's experienced faculty members provide guidance and support to students participating in co-curricular activities, helping them develop their talents and reach their full potential. The school encourages participation in co-curricular activities, as it helps students build confidence, teamwork skills, and leadership abilities that will benefit them in all aspects of their lives.


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Our Philosophy


We approach teaching with a child-centered philosophy.  We believe that every aspect of a child’s personality, be it cognitive, social, emotional, physical, or spiritual, should be touched in some way during his or her journey with us.  Each of these areas is interrelated, and in a relaxed and rich learning environment, these aspects can naturally integrate to create maximal and effective learning.We believe that each child is unique and we do our best to nurture the intrinsic gifts that each one brings and shares with us.  We also believe that what truly makes a difference in a child’s life, beneath all the methods, materials, and the curriculum, is a teacher who cares about each child and who teaches from the heart.

Leaders in early childhood learning and development state that the earliest years of life are the most important.  Half of an individual’s intelligence is developed by the age of four and in these same years children are most susceptible to environmental influences! Teachers have a very influential role in being the first link in a long chain of instruction.  For success in a child’s progress through school, our teachers have a responsibility to provide for your child an environment that will stimulate and enrich him or her and help lay a foundation for future academics.